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About Me & How I Massage


"I train heavily for sport climbing and as such develop a lot of tension in the upper back which if left unchecked leads to overuse injuries. Rosie has been fantastic at keeping everything in my upper back in good shape and ready to perform. This has been invaluable for allowing me to train my hardest and obtain my goals.

I also have a long term serious ankle injury which leads to tension in the lower leg balance and support muscles, Rosie has a great appreciation for anatomy which has been instrumental in providing the right kind of massage for relief each time this flairs up." - JG

People have been exploring the benefits of massage for thousands of years; one of the oldest healing therapies, it has been used to help a wide range of ailments.

I began my massage training within the holistic realm where relaxation was the aim. I have retained this perspective throughout my practice and relaxation is still a very important quality of my treatments. This is backed up with evidence that we heal better in relaxed states.

I have since completed an advanced diploma in remedial & sports massage at one of the most reputable massage colleges in the UK, Bristol College of Massage & Bodywork (BCMB). Having deepened my knowledge of anatomy and physiology, I am continually broadening my repertoire of techniques, I will tailor my treatments to exactly what you are looking for.

I then continued my bodywork studies by undertaking a 250hr yoga teacher training certificate in Hatha Vinyasa Tantra at Yogasara Bristol under the guidance of Christopher Gladwell and Sarah Harlow. I have a strong daily practice and continue to deepen my understanding on the roots of yoga and how the body and mind are interwoven.

I work holistically in all of my treatments, taking the whole body into consideration - I think about your daily patterns, the person you are and I aim to work on the cause of a particular ailment rather than simply focusing on the symptoms.

I moved to the Chamonix Valley in December 2019 to realise a dream of living in the mountains, to get better at snowboarding (slowly but surely!), and to improve my French. I love exploring new areas of the French Alps in order to visit and treat my clients.

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