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My Deeply Relaxing Holistic Massage

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Scent Oils
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Plants and Coffees
Mudra Meditation

Perfect if you are after some full blown rest & relaxation.

All of my treatments are holistic - taking the whole body & person into consideration. To a degree there will always be an investigative element in my treatments too. Whether there is a particular musculoskeletal issue (an ache, pain or niggle) to be explored or whether some full-on, meditative ‘zoning out’ is in order, I will be searching for points in your body that call out to me for more attention. I will check-in with you at various points to ensure you are happy with the pressure I use and perhaps to ask for feedback on things I find. 

In today’s 100 mile-an-hour-lifestyle, we find ourselves spinning countless plates, in a society where if we aren’t busy, we aren’t working hard enough. Massage in western culture is still seen by many to be a luxurious, pampering treat (which it certainly is) however it is not just that. It is also a valuable and necessary form of self care - something we all too often neglect to include on our endless to-do list.

We can tailor the session to focus wherever on the body you are comfortable with, I may work in other areas that are relevant to what the aims of treatment are but I will discuss this with you first. I actively encourage you to tell me if you’d like stronger or lighter in any area, at any point – this is your time so your feedback helps me to give you the best treatment possible.


For a full body treatment I highly recommend booking a 90 minute session to ensure there is ample time to give enough attention to the areas that need it.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions you have.

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